Retired Characters

This is a list of previous player-characters who are no longer active on Pernworld. Unless otherwise noted on their character page, they can be assumed to be alive but in the background.

Name Rank Specialty Dragon Home
A'mar Journeyman Pottery Blue Caldoth Fort Weyr
Ashkeia Apprentice Etching Brown Khaumith Xanadu Weyr
Eydis Journeyman Colored Glass None Western Weyr
Isentho Journeyman Functional Glass None Igen Weyr
Jadyn Journeyman Stained Glass None Ista Weyr
Jolie Apprentice Breaking Gold Sevaruth Western Weyr
L'alie Journeyman Statuary Brown Adineath Xanadu Weyr
R'san Journeyman Utility Wares Brown Chenolth Ierne Weyrhold
S'uin Journeyman Figurines Green Xiliath Western Weyr
Santara Apprentice Colored Glass None Ista Weyr

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