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About Masters

Glasscraft masters are those who have reached a high level of proficiency within their area of focus in the craft, as well as a general understanding of all other areas in the craft. Masters are the primary teachers of both apprentices and journeymen at the Crafthalls. Masters are usually over the age of 25 and are free to marry or adopt a protege as they see fit. Masters are responsible for the majority of fine glass and pottery work on Pern, especially artistic pieces. The CraftMaster is elected by vote within the masters of the craft when a vacancy arises, and the CraftMaster selects a Second from among their fellow masters. Masters are not eligible for Search, due to the high level of commitment expected of them toward the Craft.


This is a list of current PC masters as well as known NPCs. Retired PC masters may be found in the retired list.

Name Specialty Mentees Home PC/NPC
Bandrin General Studies None Landing University NPC
Erdwin Glass Blowing ? Xanadu Weyr NPC
Kiboyo Industrial Glass ? GlassCraft Hall NPC
Krystal Craft Master ? GlassCraft Hall NPC
Marisiea Glass Blowing Moria GlassCraft Hall NPC
Sairis Stained Glass ? Ierne Weyrhold PC
Teryn Metal/Glass Melds Kiralyn Ista Weyr NPC

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