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About Journeymen

Journeymen are both teachers and manufacturers. Most journeymen have one or more apprentice student whom they train, but their primary duties focus around manufacture of product for use. Unlike apprentice, journeymen have a great deal of freedom - they are full adults, and are treated as such by the craft. Journeymen may be found all over Pern, though they are present in higher concentration around major craft centers like Landing University. Journeyman are housed in individual rooms at their posted location, and there are dorms at the Crafthall and University for those who are visiting. Journeymen are rarely younger than 20, but many crafters never advance beyond this rank, so ages vary greatly. Journeymen are not restricted in regards to personal relationship, and they are also encouraged wed. Journeyman may sell their own work, and are often hired to complete specific pieces as their specialties dictate, but their basic needs are covered by a stipend from the Hall. Finally, senior journeymen are the higest rank of crafter eligible for Search on PernWorld.


This is a list of active PC journeymen and known NPCs. If you are interested in information about a retired PC, please check out the retired list.
Journeymen with a * by their name are junior journeymen; those with a ^ are senior journeymen. Otherwise, assume they are a standard journeyman unless the player indicates otherwise.

Name Specialty Mentor Mentees Dragon Home PC/NPC
Janecin Etching None Ashkeia None Xanadu Weyr NPC
Miyan Stained Glass Green Rhieyeth Eastern Weyr PC
Moria Glass Blowing Marisiea None Glasscraft Hall PC
Rya Green Ilexanth Xanadu Weyr NPC
Ralyn None GlassCraft Hall NPC
Sanidan* None Near Ista Hold NPC
Santoni^ None GlassCraft Hall NPC
Tresha Molded Glass None Xanadu Weyr NPC
Vaelariyon Pottery Statues None Fort Weyr PC

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