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About Apprentices

Apprentices are the lowest ranked crafters in any craft, and the Glass Craft is no exception. Since glass and pottery work are risky due to the extreme temperatures and chemical agents used, the Glass Craft does not accept apprentices under the age of 12 except in very special circumstances. Apprentices may be initially accepted into the craft as old as twenty turns.

Apprentices in the Glass Craft are assigned to one or more journeymen or masters for training in the rudiments of the craft - how to clean and operate kilns, how to maintain equipment, and how to create basic glass structures. Apprentices are responsible for the daily maintenance of the work areas they are assigned to, and perform basic repairs on fault equipment under the supervision of a journeyman.

Apprentices are segregated by gender in the craft dorms, and are encouraged to avoid sexual encounters. An apprentice has neither the time nor resources to raise a child. An apprentice who becomes pregnant or gets a woman with child may be suspended from the craft until the child is old enough to be fostered, and may be demoted to junior apprentice for this ill-considered behavior.

Apprentices do receive a token income of 1/8 mark per sevenday, enough to enjoy a gather but not have any expensive or extravagant belongings. Apprentices may travel outside their posted location; however, a journeyman or master from the Glass Craft should accompany them. It is ok to use an NPC journeyman or master for these purposes.


This is a list of active PC apprentices and known NPCs. If you are interested in info on a retired PC, please check out the retired list. Apprentices with a * by their name are junior apprentices, while those with a ^ by their name are senior apprentices. Other apprentices are normal apprentices unless their player indicates otherwise.

Name Specialty Mentor Dragon Home PC/NPC
Kiralyn^ Art Glass Teryn None Ista Weyr PC
Natara^ None Glass Craft Hall NPC
Salamar* None Glass Craft Hall NPC
Teila None Xanadu Weyr NPC
Ze'an Pottery Blue Orykoth Western Weyr PC

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