With a thin face, small and upturned nose and murky brown eyes, Moriana is not likely to attract much notice for her looks. Her mouth is a bit too wide, her lips too plump, and her complexion spotty. Moria's hair is her best feature, thick, blond and, when free of its braid, wavy, but it cannot overcome the plainness of the rest of her. On her chest, neck and arms, her skin bears rippled, faintly reddish marks that can be identified as old burn scars. Moriana's shoulders are broad with muscle, and her forearms and calves well defined. She has barely enough curves to make it clear that she is female. Moria is slightly taller than average at five foot nine. She is well muscled, which gives her form substance.


Short history: Moriana, commonly called Moria, was born at Black Rock Hold. She apprenticed at the Landing University as a GlassCrafter when twelve, and moved to Xanadu Weyr for further instruction in her specialty, glass blowing, when twenty. That same year at Xanadu, Moriana became friends with Tresha, another, younger, glasscraft apprentice, and together they completed their journeyman projects and were promoted. She is currently at the main GlassCraft Hall, continuing her work as a journeywoman.


Name Relation Location Position PC/NPC
Mondreg Father Black Rock Hold Master Seacrafter NPC
Trishana Mother Black Rock Hold Journeywoman WoodCrafter NPC
Torged Older Brother Black Rock Hold Master SeaCrafter NPC
Shandre Older Sister Black Rock Hold Journeywoman WoodCrafter NPC
R'shed Younger Brother Ierne Weyrhold Rider to Blue Lonarith PC
??? Niece - Shandre Black Rock Hold Child NPC


Vispo Bronze Piccolo Drago Bronze Mulgrave
Salt and Lime Green Trina
Shiver Me Timbers Blue Blackbeard
The Basic Unit of All Life Brown Carbon
Summer Sun Gold Nova


CSH Coldstone Hold
XAW Xanadu Weyr

Coldstone Hold is the birthplace of Thea and Tharen, and is situated in the High Reaches coverage area.

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