Tresha - Journeywoman at Xanadu Weyr

Description and Personality

Tresha is short, slim and will flirt with just about anyone, but isn't very serious about it. Her long, silky brown hair compliments sky-blue eyes and sunny personality. This girl wouldn't know a bad day if it bit her on her button of a nose. Tresha is outgoing and energetic, and loves to matchmake, especially for her older or less worldly friends. The teen is often found in the company of her closest friend and current pet project, Moriana. She freely gives friendly advice to everyone on clothes and hair styles, and does so such positive cheer that it is clear she doesn't mean offense by anything she says. Still, her mouth has gotten her into trouble a time or two, especially with those who have high rank or standing than this lass.


Tresha was born and raised at Xanadu Weyr, and grew up in the energetic bustle that fills any Weyr. The daughter of a Glass crafter and a Star crafter, she entered the Glasscraft at the age of twelve. She is presently a journeywoman who specializes in molded glass products, such as plates and bowls. She has remained at Xanadu Weyr and has expressed her intention of remaining there for the forseeable future.


Name Relation Location Position
Leresha Mother Xanadu Weyr Glasscraft Journeywoman
Trodan Father Xanadu Weyr Starcraft Journeyman






Played By

Tresha is played by Moria.

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