This should be a description of the NPC. It can be fairly simple, or it can be as in-depth as a PC.


This should be at least a basic outline of the NPC's history - where they were born, and how they got where they are now. Again, it can be as in-depth as you want, so long as those two bits of information are present.


Please put at least two lines of information about the NPC's personality here for people to use as reference when discussing or dealing with the NPC. Are they grouchy? A know-it-all? Hung up on authority? Anything that will help PCs interact is good. :)


Use the same concept as the player page - build a chart. For specific instructions, please check the Family section of the Player FAQ.


Just color, name and personality quirks, please - NPC firelizards shouldn't be desc'd to the nines anyway. ;)


If the NPC has a dragon, please place the name of the dragon (including their color and any hatchling name) here, and then their description. The actual name (not including color) should be coded as a link to the dragon's page (format is dragon:<name>). In the example, I've replaced <name> with faq and named the link Exampleth so it looks normal, without wasting a page on dragon:exampleth.

[[span style="color:darkgoldenrod"]]I See Dead People Bronze[[/span]] [[[dragon:faq|Exampleth]]]

Exampleth is an old, scrawny bronze dragon who has clearly seen better days.

I See Dead People Bronze Exampleth

Exampleth is an old, scrawny bronze dragon who has clearly seen better days.


Every NPC should have log links for logs they are in, even if the logs aren't stored here.

[[tab Tab 1]]
* [[[logs:faq#addlog|Log Instructions]]]
[[tab Tab 2]]
* [ External Log!]

This creates:

Check out the Log instructions for a more in-depth help.

Played by

Please list the PC that runs this NPC. If it's an area NPC, please indicate '<area> Admins'. IE XAW Admins for a weyrbrat at Xanadu that is run by the admins.

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