Erdwin, Master at Xanadu Weyr

Erdwin is a well-meaning but unobservant Glasscraft master posted to Xanadu Weyr. He is most known as Moriana's mentor and is the reason that crafter is at the Weyr.


Erdwin is a tall and well-muscled man in his late forties. He has brown hair and eyes and heavily tanned skin. His arms are scarred from old burns and permenantly marked with pigments from coloring glass.


Erdwin was born and raised at Xanadu Weyr. After attending Landing University for several years in his teens and early twenties, he returned to the Weyr with a journeyman's knot in the Glasscraft. He attained mastery in his early thirties, and has stayed at Xanadu to teach his specialty, glass blowing, in the craft complex there.


Erdwin is very aware of what goes on in the glass shops, but anything outside might as well not exist. The master gets to know his charges fairly well, and tends to act as a father figure for them if they are away from home. Erdwin is a very practical person, and has very little tolerance for games and pranks. This is partly due to the dangerous nature of his work.


Name Relation Location Position
Moria Mentee Xanadu Weyr GLC Jman


Brown Nuisance


Played By

Moria at Xanadu Weyr.

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