PernWorld Rules

This section lists the policies instituted by Mynti as the owner of PernWorld. These rules always supersede any statements made by any player, unless Mynti or one of the wizards indicates otherwise.

In general, this information has been lifted directly from the help and/or news files on PernWorld, and are posted here as reference material for new players or for when a player is not in a position to log on to check them. Please be aware, it is required that, when you create a character, you read /all/ of the news and help files associated with PernWorld's rules, canon, and acceptable use policies. Failure to do so does not remove responsibility for following them and the statement 'I never read that' does not prevent action by staff or wizards when appropriate.

Acceptable Use Policy

Activity Requirements and Idle-desting






Glass Craft Rules

These are the rules that apply to Glass crafters as members, or 'resident', of the craft. However, if you are posted away from the Glass Craft Hall, or have joined another area via cross-crafting or Impression, you are subject to that area's member/resident rules as well. Please be sure to review the rules of an area you are considering joining. Once again, lack of knowledge of rules does not relieve you of responsibility for following them.

Activity Requirements




Search Policy

The GlassCraft is an area on PernWorld MUSH, an online roleplay environment. PernWorld exists with permission from Anne McCaffrey and poses no challenge or threat to her works. Dragonriders of Pern, 1968, 1998 is copyrighted and trademarked by Anne McCaffrey.