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General Questions

Several of the Q&A in this section have been copied from the PernWorld website, as those are the official FAQ files. They have been compiled here, along with Glass Craft specific questions, for ease of locating information.

Q: What is a MUSH?

Q: So how do I connect?

Q: What is this IC/OOC business?

Q: How to I know what is IC and what is OOC?

Q: Wait, what's the difference between : and ;?

Q: What is 'canon' and why is that so important?

Q: What is an 'alt'?

Q: What is a TinyPlot (TP)?

Q: What's with this 'ICA=ICC' business?

Q: What does FTB mean?

Craft related questions

These questions are focused on the Glass Craft as a part of PernWorld, and deal with questions and issues that arise specific to our area.

Q: I want to build a Glass Crafter. Where would they have been trained?

Q: I want to be a <rank> - what do I need to know?

Some Clarifications

This area expands on portions of the above text, or parts of PernWorld in general, that tend to cause confusion among players, new and old alike.


Draconic Powers

Additional F.A.Q.s

The GlassCraft is an area on PernWorld MUSH, an online roleplay environment. PernWorld exists with permission from Anne McCaffrey and poses no challenge or threat to her works. Dragonriders of Pern, 1968, 1998 is copyrighted and trademarked by Anne McCaffrey.