PernWorld Mush is a Post-AIVAS Dragonriders of Pern (tm) themed roleplaying forum running TinyMUSH 3.1. There is no Threadfall in this timeline, nor will there ever be again. Thread last fell in the turn 2555, over 130 Turns ago, and this is the golden age of Pern. Pern's technology is growing, slowly but surely, and several new Crafts and Holds have developed since AIVAS was discovered.

PernWorld is located at port 3333, or port 3333.

PernWorld is owned and operated by Mynti and managed by a groups of 'wizards', who are general staff over the entire MUSH. Each individual area (Hold, Hall and Weyr) have their own staff to manage day-to-day matters for the area, or are wizard-administered if there are no players active in that area.

The GlassCraft is an area on PernWorld MUSH, an online roleplay environment. PernWorld exists with permission from Anne McCaffrey and poses no challenge or threat to her works. Dragonriders of Pern, 1968, 1998 is copyrighted and trademarked by Anne McCaffrey.