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This wiki is maintained by the GlassCraft staff.

GlassCraft Staff

OOC - Kiralyn

If you have questions for the GlassCraft OOC staff, please send an @mail to the player or players you want to talk to.

PernWorld Administrators (Wizards)

Ari - moc.liamg|nrePirA#moc.liamg|nrePirA - Crafts, Holds, Firelizards
Cai - moc.liamg|iaCnreP#moc.liamg|iaCnreP - Weyrs, Code
Mynti - moc.amupcificap|nymzaj#moc.amupcificap|nymzaj - Founder, Game Owner

Both Ari and Cai also are able to address general issues that might crop up, including player disputes.

This wiki and its contents are generally not managed by the owner or administrator(s) of PernWorld. This is a resource for members and prospective members of the GlassCraft on Pernworld, and is administered by the GlassCraft to facilitate role-play and craft membership.

The GlassCraft is an area on PernWorld MUSH, an online roleplay environment. PernWorld exists with permission from Anne McCaffrey and poses no challenge or threat to her works. Dragonriders of Pern, 1968, 1998 is copyrighted and trademarked by Anne McCaffrey.