Recent Events on PernWorld

Recent Player-Driven Events

October 2009: Winter Games (Fort and Ista Weyrs)

August 2009: Numbweed Harvest

Recent Random Events

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August 3, 2009:

  • At Smokey Lake Hold a small meteorite hits, but no one was hurt.
  • At High Plateau Hold there is a dragon and rider who die in an accident.
    • OOC: NPC named G'yera and blue Fydermeth
  • At Computer Craft there is a food fight.
  • At Black Rock Hold there is a runaway child.
  • At Greystones Hold a person is butten by a poisonous tunnelsnake.
  • At Ista Weyr there is a crop failure.
  • At Vale Hold there is a murder.
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